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Brief History

Picture 077From the St. Catherine Monastery, it is a 4-6 hour walk to Mt. Catherine. The monastery was established under Emperor Justinian in the 6th Century. Inside the monastery, visitors will see a perfectly preserved Byzantine Church.
Mt. Catherine itself was named after Catherine, a Christian martyr, who was born in Alexandria in 294 AD. According to tradition, angels took her remains to Mt. Sinai.
The Burning Bush is also located within the walls of the St. Catherine Monastery. The Burning Bush refers to the Biblical story of Moses and his call from God to lead the people of Israel from slavery to freedom. The mountain is referred to today as Jebel Mussa, or Mt. Moses.
The monks built a rout up to Mt. Moses with 3750 steps carved out of the rocks. The bedouins of Jebaliya and Milga Village not only host foreign visitors, but serve monks of the monastery and are proud inhibitors of the high mountain area of St. Catherine. The tribe got its name from this area: Jabaliyah, or “The Mountaineers.”